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Parents Update for 2/10/10

// February 10th, 2010 // 1 Comment » // Youth News

This week, as we continue to go through the To Save a Life series we focused on helping the youth to understand that they are not the only one struggling through different issues. We started the session reviewing the four rules (1. Be real 2. Take risks 3. Confidentiality is crucial 4. Show lots of love). Next we discussed hug-ology. There are four kinds of hugs: The side hug, the A frame hug, the love hug, and the man hug. The youth will be helping their peers through many struggles in the following weeks and hugs are a great way to comfort each other.

We watched a clip from the movie where Roger (the kid who commits suicide) talks about being alone and how he feels like he is the only one in the world who feels that way and that it doesn’t matter to anyone around him. To show our youth that they are not alone in what they are going through we lined everyone (youth and leaders) up on line and Jason read some statements. If they related to the statement they were to “cross the river” to the other line. The statements included; you stressed out, you been betrayed, you feel pressure to conform, or you know someone who has tried to commit suicide. By the end of the exercise the youth were able to see that they were never the only one who has or is dealing with issues.

Two of our youth then got up and shared some of their struggles and how they were able to overcome them. Following the stories we got into our family groups and had an extended discussion about many of the things that the youth have been struggling with.

We finished the night with Troy sharing a poem and song that really touched him. Lastly the youth were again given the opportunity to take a challenge card and to write a note to fellow youth.

We passed out packets for making prayer bracelets for the youth afterward unfortunately I was misunderstood what was going on and sent some kids home with incomplete packets. If your youth brought home a kit that had only one color please have them bring back the kit to one of the leaders and we will give them the correct materials. To learn how to make the bracelets there is an informational video on our website.

Next week we will be trying to help the youth identify the hurting and then be equipping the youth to help the hurting by being Jesus’ hands and feet.

-Geoff Bazuin-