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Purely Merciful — Matthew 5:7-8

// May 4th, 2016 // 1 Comment » // Sermons

Some of you know the story of what happened to me in ninth grade. It was a major turning point in my life–something that God used to wake me up, pull me out of the pit, and set my feet on the rock.

My ninth grade year was not a good year. I was getting into a bunch of trouble. I stopped caring about school. I stopped caring about pretty much everything. I was just going through the motions–getting into trouble more and more. Then, towards the end of my ninth grade year (Actually, it was pretty much exactly eighteen years ago today) something happened. I still remember that I was in Algebra class and my stomach started hurting. It kept hurting and hurting. It kept getting worse and worse, but I ignored it and pushed through the rest of the day. The pain kept increasing throughout the rest of the day, but then, miraculously, it got better. It just stopped hurting. (more…)

The Hungry Meek — Matthew 5:5-6

// April 27th, 2016 // No Comments » // Sermons

If your desire is to be popular, don’t become a Christian……..I want that to sink in a bit……….To be a Christian means that your life–your being–will be very different from the world around you. You will not be popular. Martin Lloyd Jones says, “The Christian is altogether different from the world…He is a new man, a new creation; he belongs to an entirely different kingdom. And not only is the world unlike him; it cannot possibly understand him. He is an enigma to the world. And if you and I are not, in this primary sense, problems and enigmas to the non-Christians around us, then this tells us a great deal about our profession of the Christian faith.” (p. 63). The world around you will think you strange. The world around you will call you names and hate you. The world around you may call you a bigot, a hate monger, intolerant, stupid, naive, etc… Again, if your desire is to be popular, don’t become a Christian. (more…)

Blessed Are Those Who Fully Rely On God — Matthew 5:3-4

// April 20th, 2016 // No Comments » // Sermons

One of the questions I am asking tonight–and want you wrestling with–is, “What is the difference between the life of a Christian and the life of a non-Christian?”

For some of you, your first instinct would be to start listening actions. Christians go to church. Christians give money to the poor. Christians read their bibles. Some of you would characterize Christians by what they don’t do. Christians don’t steal. Christians don’t do drugs. Christians don’t murder. Christians don’t lie.

However, is that really the difference? Do you know non-Christians who go to church? Yep. Do you know non-Christians who give to the poor? Yep. Do you know non-Christians who read their bibles, or who don’t steal, or don’t do drugs, or don’t murder, or don’t lie? Of course we do. (more…)

What’s a Disciple? — Mark 3:13-19

// April 6th, 2016 // No Comments » // Sermons

What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus Christ? Are you a disciple? If you are, what does that even mean? What do you do as a disciple of Jesus? One of the last things Jesus said to his disciples before he ascended into heaven was, “Make disciples of all nations.” What does that mean? Many of you have heard that passage before. Many of you have even memorized that passage. Many of you know that it is called The Great Commission. Yet, do you know what it means?

This week we’re beginning a new series on the Beatitudes. If you don’t know that the Beatitudes are, don’t worry. I’ll be explaining them to you as we go. However, tonight we’re going to talk about something that precedes the Beatitudes. We’re talking about being a disciple of Jesus. (more…)