Do Something 2016 — Day 6

// June 24th, 2016 // Events

We had a very good day today. I’m going to keep it short.

We had our typical morning routine and immediately left for Sommerset, WI to go tubing on the Apple River. This was a great day of rest, relaxation, and fellowship. We were tubing on the river for around three and a half hours. There were numerous opportunities for great conversations throughout the entire float. It was really cool to watch how well our group is connected. Today, I noticed many people in the group hanging out with people they don’t typically hang out with. Then they’d be floating with someone else, then someone else. They were constantly rotating who they were around throughout the entire float. It was pretty fun to see.

One of the “God Sightings” from today came from some of the random singing from our group. Throughout the entire float, our group would all of a sudden break out into singing worship songs….singing them at that top of their lungs. After we had made the float and rode the bus ride back to the top of the river, they began singing again–every one of them. In the background there was a young couple looking at our group in some form of awe, watching them sing their hearts out. Then all of a sudden the guy started singing along with us. It was a beautiful blessing.

We wrapped up in Sommerset, at supper on the way home, and arrived at Bethel in time for small groups and an evening session. Tonight’s session was covering the doctrine of Justification. I wasn’t sure how this session would go after everyone was out in the water and sun all day. Also, pretty much everyone fell asleep on the ride home. Once again I was wrong. We didn’t have anyone dozing off or even struggling to stay awake. Like all of the other sessions this week, they were paying attention and engaging the material deeply. I realize I say this every year, but I’m really proud of this group!

Marly De Haan joined us for our campfire tonight. She spoke to the group about Overcoming Doubt and Keeping the Faith. She spoke to the group about holding onto the promises of God as we battle doubt in our lives. She read a number of these promises to our group tonight. She ended her message by reading Psalm 139 to the group. I could tell it impacted many of the youth. I saw a couple of them pull out their journals to make a note about that Psalm.

Tomorrow we will be heading to Lake Maria State Park. The focus of this day will be Solitude and Reflection. We have spent the week seeking God in a variety of ways. We’ve spent the evening pouring–some would say “dumping”–information into these teenagers. It’s a powerful experience to slow down at the end of the week and reflect back on the things we’ve talked about and the ways God has been working. We also encourage them to spend time thinking about the future. What is God calling them to as they leave this week?

Things you can pray for our upcoming day:

  • Once again, you can pray for safe travels and NO vehicle problems.
  • Pray that we can stay focused and stay on time. We have a lot to accomplish tomorrow.
  • Pray that God will lead, speak, and move in the teenagers during their solitude time.
  • Pray that the leaders will have the strength and patience they need for the day.
  • Pray that we end the week well.
  • Pray that Highlights and Impacts go well tomorrow night.
  • Pray for the opportunity for gospel conversations.
  • Pray that God would continue to be glorified through this group.


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    Sounds awesome! Praise God!

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