Do Something 2016 — Day 5

// June 23rd, 2016 // Events

First off, I want to send out a HUGE thank you to all of the Prayer Warriors out there. Every one of the leaders recognized the power of your prayers today. There were repeated instances throughout the day where there were obvious answers to prayer being shown in the lives of students and leaders. Keep up the hard work. The Lord is blessing your efforts.

There are times when I feel like a broken record as I write these posts. I continue to see God working in the lives of these teenagers. As of right now, it seems like today has been the best day of the week. I watched teenagers step way out of their comfort zones in life stories. I watched teenagers work extremely hard on the job-sites. I watched teenagers intensely focused on their devotions. I saw teenagers seeing God powerfully in His Word and coming to fresh insights. Teenagers were connecting the dots between sessions at the beginning of the week and things we were learning today. There’s so much more that I could say, but in the end the only thing I can shout is “Praise the Lord!”

We had out typical morning routine. The schedule for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday all look the same. The students left to the worksites and worked very hard. They were committed to getting these jobs done today. Some of the groups worked an hour longer than they were supposed to in order to finish the job today. Interestingly enough, they had to finish the jobs today because it was the last work day, but they didn’t know that. The majority of the teenagers think we are still going to the worksites tomorrow. They will have a nice surprise when the find out we will be spending the day tubing on the Apple River (shhhhhh! Don’t tell them). 🙂

After showering and eating supper tonight, we broke into small groups. These groups are going so well. Each student will take turns leading one of these small group times. They are doing great. Each of the leaders tonight mentioned how well these students do leading a small group Bible study. They are asking good questions and engaging the verses well. The group I participated in had some really good discussion. It was a lot of fun.

We wrapped up small groups and began our session for the evening. Tonight we were looking at Conversion and the aspects of Faith and Repentance. We looked at the various aspects of Faith and Repentance in the Bible. The teenagers were engaged the entire time. After our midway break, I had to tell them how impressed I was. Every other year the students are exhausted and beginning to fall asleep by Thursday night (and rightly so), but this group has been engaged every night and ready to dive in. We ended the session by spending some time talking about Assurance of Faith. This was were I noticed the Spirit speaking powerfully to this group. I spend 10-15 minutes speaking about assurance and what it looks like. They also read some verses talking about assurance. You could have heard a pin drop. There wasn’t even a whisper. They were right there, hanging on every word. It tells me two things. First, we have teenagers who are struggling with assurance (much like I did at their age). Secondly, that the Spirit was speaking assurance into their hearts. Not only were they engaged, but you could see peace sweeping over the group. What a blessing!

The weather cooperated tonight, so we were able to have another Real bonfire. Harv and Kathy Roosma spoke to the group about Love and Service. They spoke of how these two ideas are tightly connected in the Great Commandment: Love God and Love neighbor. They gave some examples of when they failed and succeeded along these lines. The teenagers really appreciated the message.

Some thing to pray over our upcoming day:

  • Pray that the weather will be perfect for tubing the Apple River.
  • Pray that everyone will stay safe and we will have no accidents.
  • Pray that the everyone will enjoy a day of recuperation, rest, and fellowship.
  • Pray for healing. We have a couple students who weren’t feeling great tonight.
  • Continue to engage in Spiritual Warfare over this group. We do not wage war against flesh and blood.
  • Pray that God would give assurance to the believers in this group and conviction to those who haven’t yet believed.
  • Pray for the opportunity for gospel conversations tomorrow as we head to the Apple River.
  • Pray that God would receive glory!


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  1. Marcia Ruis says:

    Continuing in prayer 🙂 Seeking Blessings and Joy!

  2. Bonnie Olson says:

    So exciting to hear about God’s movement in and through you all! Praying that His Spirit will carry you all into next week and beyond!

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