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Hard Hearts and the Powerful Word — John 7:40-52

// May 10th, 2017 // No Comments » // Sermons

This is the last sermon of this school year. The next few weeks will entail Amazing Race, Baccalaureate, and a Bonfire. As I was preparing this message, and thinking about the end of the year, I thought I would give a little history of Ignite, answering the question, “Why do we do things the way […]

Knowing Where our Desires are Satisfied — John 7:25-39

// May 3rd, 2017 // No Comments » // Sermons

A number of years ago, I noticed a bad habit forming in my life. I found myself repeatedly in a pattern of coveting–wanting something I didn’t have. It would happen on days when I didn’t have much going on. I think to myself, “I’m bored. I should run to the store.” Then I’d go to […]

Worldliness and God’s Will — John 7:1-13

// April 5th, 2017 // No Comments » // Sermons

Throughout the year we’ve received a bunch of questions revolving around God’s timing, waiting, and God’s will. Questions like, “How long is ‘Perfect Timing’ to God?,” or “When you say, ‘Wait on the Lord,’ what do you mean?,” or “Why can’t it be our ‘perfect’ timing?,” or “What is God’s will?” All of these questions […]

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